A Note From Andria

Thanks for visiting and don't forget to download the planning booklet before you leave!  It addresses many questions people commonly have.   

My goal is to keep you home for as long as possible, to help fund care in a nice community if it becomes necessary, and to preserve choice in how and where care is provided. That takes planning. 

There is no cost or obligation to learn more and get quotes. When should you plan?  Generally speaking, 45 to 65.  What's your risk?  Nearly 3 in 4 of us will actually need long term care.  Surprising isn't it?  Costs can be staggering and you are mostly paying on your own unless you have insurance. 

 It's important we talk and I learn what your concerns are.  I need to know about your health, but don't assume that if you have some issues you can't get coverage.  Costs can differ widely carrier to carrier, depending on your personal health profile.  I want my clients to get the most coverage for the least premium and it must be affordable. I'm at your service. 


Click here to get your complimentary copy of the Essentials of Long Term Care Planning booklet. 



Look around at your leisure.  There are places to explore if you like to research.  Then let me help you simplify the process by recommending carriers that best fit your circumstance.  It's likely you'll know if insurance is the right solution for your situation or not after our first complimentary consultation.  Most of our work can be done by telephone and computer.  We'll shop the marketplace together and design a plan tailored just for you! 

Annuities can also be used as part of a pre-retirement plan.  Some annuities, as well as life insurance, have LTC riders.  Critical illness insurance can also help cover expenses when needed.   And there are modern solutions available today offering short term plans and home care memberships.  See, there really are many options and I'll help you select one that's right for you...


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