About Us


Andria Bovey specializes in long term care funding.  By shopping the marketplace using the latest technology, her clients can learn about long term care from the comfort of their own home or workplace.  She designs customized solutions for every client's budget and goals.  Andria is LTC partnership certified.  In her free time she volunteers in her community and is an avid food and wine enthusiast.

Andria helps people understand the impact of needing care and its effect on American families and their savings.  She brings the answers to help people be prepared for the very likely event we each face of being called upon to be a caregiver or actually needing care ourselves one day.  Want to stay home if possible?  Having a plan is critical today and brings flexibility and choices. 

Andria offers:

long term care insurance

conversion of existing life insurance to pay for care needs

life insurance/annuity with LTC benefits (also called asset based or hybrid solutions)

critical illness

care at home memberships - no health/age limit


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